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Sun-Wed, June 23-26th

2019 Annual Convention

National Federation of State Poetry Societies

Called the Diamond Jubilee Convention, this year’s NFSPS Convention is held in Santa Fe, NM. Numerous members of the Columbine Poets and their Colorado affiliates, Poets in the Pine and the Shavano Poets will be in attendance. Also attending: SETH who served as judge for this year’s annual BlackBerryPeach Prize. Cash prizes of $1000, $500 & $250 are awarded to the best readings of original poetry. SETH will, of course, be reading from his own works as well.

Last year’s convention was held in Denver. If this year’s is anything like last year’s, it will be a fun and rewarding time. Check out the NFSPS website, if you’d like to join in.


Hotel Santa Fe, Santa Fe, New Mexico.


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