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Poet, creative writer, actor, producer and musician SETH is ranked among Colorado’s best known performance poets. Having collaborated with countless poets, musicians, composers, actors, dancers, etc., SETH has developed a vast arsenal of innovative ways to present poetry and spoken word – his own as well as the works of others. He is a former member of Open Rangers and the critically-acclaimed performance art trio, Jafrika. Currently, SETH appears weekly with Art Compost & the Word Mechanics at the Mercury Cafe in Denver, Colorado where he hosts the Jam Before the Slam.  He also performs solo and in collaboration with other performance artists throughout the Southwest.



   Audio Poetry (click to hear and read)
  Mother of All Truths
  Jabberwocky II
  Feel the Day
   Audio Fiction (click to hear and read)
  The Old Neighborhood
  On the 8th Day
   Fiction (click to read excerpts)
  The Perfect Stranger

A Black Odyssey: collected poems by SETH

A Black Odyssey: collected poems

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