poet, performer, actor, percussionist, Art Compost & the Word Mechanics, Jam Before the Slam, Denver, Colorado  

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Poet, creative writer, actor, producer, director and musician SETH is one of Colorado’s most dynamic performance poets. A founding member of the performance poetry troupe, Open Rangers (1991-2000), of the critically acclaimed performance arts trio, Jafrika (1993-2004) and now the driving force behind the improvisational musical-poetic ensemble Art Compost & the Word Mechanics (2000-present), SETH has collaborated with countless poets, musicians, actors, dancers, composers, videographers, etc. – all in an unending quest to make poetry more entertaining and thus more assessable to general audiences.

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Per Ambulation
Shadow of Venus
Amazon Btwn Your Diamond Divine
   coming soon The Rape
Triangle Man / The Fly
A few words about SETH/Ode to Great Ghosts
The Willy Shakes Spear
Mother of All Truths
Melody Jabberwocky II
Feel the Day









A Black Odyssey

a poetic memoir




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