poet, performer, writer, actor, percussionist, producer, director, artistic coordinator, Denver, Colorado  


Poet, performer, writer, actor and percussionist, SETH has been experimenting with creative ways to present poetry for more than 20 years. SETH has appeared with countless musicians, actors, poets and dancers in a long list of live productions—among them JoY is the Name of a Child, Reign of the Scar Clan and Random Axe of Rhyme. He was also responsible for several audio and video projects and for writing the hit musical-revue Suite Moses.

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Presently SETH performs every Sunday night at Denver’s Mercury Café. Heading the music ensemble, Art Compost & the Word Mechanics, SETH hosts a weekly “Jam before the Slam”, improvising to poets and singers from the audience. Their first CD Love, Death & Poetry won Westword’s Best of Denver 2005 for Spoken Word CD.






In 1993 SETH joined Jafrika, a critically-acclaimed trio presenting “original music, provocative dance and poignant poetry.” The Rocky Mountain News listed Jafrika as “among Denver’s finest cultural offerings”.






In 1991 SETH helped found Open Rangers, a dynamic network of poets, actors, musicians, dancers and other performance artists. Over a span of 13 years, Open Rangers was responsible for such innovative “Poetry Theatre” productions as JoY is the Name of a Child, Poetic License, Reign of the Scar Clan (“Best Poetry Performance” 1995 Westword) and Random Axe of Rhyme. Open Rangers also produced two audio cassettes Drop the Other Shoe and Eating Light which interwove music, poetry and theater for a uniquely stimulating listening experience.




"One of Denver's more popular performance poets...original,
moving and insightful"

"Underground" Rocky Mountain News (Nov 13, '94)





"SETH has a leveling gaze when he speaks his poetry that harbors power and intelligence."

"Reign of the Scar Clan" Westword
(Aug 23-29, '95)




"The plays' author Seth.....has taken two centuries of black popular music and beautifully used it to carry the story of Moses, who leads his people to freedom. Seth shows a natural inclination for putting together the book of a musical; the biblical story is well-paced in distinctive segments, and the songs illustrate emotional and narrative moments."

"Suite Moses" Rocky Mountain News (Nov 1, 2002)


"SETH is outstanding.....The actor smoothly and movingly handles a demanding role that requires him to transform from a young and questioning Moses, unsure that he's the right person for the job, to an old blind man who has led his people through the desert for 40 years....."

"Green Pastures" Denver Post (Feb 10, '01)


Performance Highlights

NFS Poetry Societies National Convention (May ’18)

Poetry Rodeo 30th Annual (Apr ’18)

Poesic Festival (Sept ’15-16)

Wind Feather Dances Dawn (July ’14)

KGNU Radio Kabaret (May ’14)

Western Colorado Writers Forum (April ’13)

Ziggie’s Poetry Festival (Aug ’11-12)

Karen Chamberlain Poetry Festival (Mar ’11-’13)

Potluck (June ‘10)        

Festival of Imagination (Sept ’06-07)

Sparrows Performance Poetry Festival (Feb '02-'07)

National Poetry Slam Competition (Aug '00-'02)

Fort Collins Poetry Festival (June '02)

National Association of Poetry Therapists (April '02)

Colorado Performing Arts Festival (Sept '98-99)

First Night Colorado Springs (Dec '98-'01)

DCPA Performing Arts Festival (Oct '96)

Taste of Colorado (Sept 95)

Colorado Consortium of Community Art Councils Showcase (Oct 94)




Jam before the Slam (Sept '00-present)

Poetry Rodeo (May ’10-’11, April ’12-’16)

Sparrows on Tour (Jan-Feb ’05)

Suite Moses (Oct-Nov '01-'02 & Jan '03)

Highland Neighborhood Showcase (Sept-Nov '00, Feb- Apr '01, Oct '02)

DCPA Performing Arts Festival Poetry Performance Stage (Sept '98 & '99)

Words on the Wing -- Teaching Poetry in Schools (Sept '98)

On the 9th Day (Aug '98)

Random Axe of Rhyme (Sept 96--Dec 97)

Underground (Nov 95)

Waiting for Howard (Oct 95)

Reign of the Scar Clan (Jul-Aug 95)

Songs in the Storm – Colorado Poetry Festival (May 93)

JoY is the Name of a Child (Feb 93)


Theatrical Appearances

Re-sourcing -- The Avenue Theatre (June '10 - '10)
Lovers, Split, Lovers, Split, Strangers -- Mercury Cafe (Feb '03-‘04)

Green Pastures -- EDEN Theatrical Workshop (Feb '01)

Destination Freedom Black Radio Days -- KUVO (Aug '99)

Radio Theater Unlimited (Apr 83--Dec 86)

Denver Telephone Theater (Feb 79--Dec 81)

EDEN Theatrical Workshop (Sept 80--Apr 81)





Short Stories

            "Napoleon Transcending"                                       Lynx Eye, Fall 02

            "On the 8th Day"                                                              Happy, 2000

            "Waiting for Howard"                                   Portland Review, Fall 96

            "Victoria"                                        Fugue (Univ of Idaho), Spring 96

            "Return from November"                       Genre Magazine, Winter 94

            "Return from November"                      Rockford Review, Winter 93

            "Glass Unicorn"                                               Potpourri, Summer 93           

            "Connecting the Dots"                                    AIM Magazine, Fall 92

            "Wicked Annabelle"                  Of Hobos & Rainbows, Summer 92



            A Black Odyssey                                          Mercury HeartLink ‘12

            “Death Walks”                                                             Improv, Fall ‘07

            “Carpal Tunnel Vision”                                               Improv, Fall ‘07

            "Alpha & Omega"                                                Soul Lovely, Fall 01

            "Party Like it's 1999”                                           Soul Lovely, Fall 01

            "Endangered Species”                                  Soul Lovely, Spring 01

            "The Rape”                                                           Soul Lovely, Fall 00

            "City of Nights"                                  Louder than Clouds, Spring 98

            “Eye 70-9/18”                                     Louder than Clouds, Spring 98

            “Napoleon Transcending”                                        Mud, Summer 92

            “Fallen Leaves”                                                         Tangents, Fall 91

            “Make-up Artist”                                                   Tangents, Spring 91

            “Conversation Over Croissants”                              Sticks, Winter 90

Poetry Chapbook

            Atom Adam                                         Pierce the Age Publications 93


            Audio Cassette/CD Appearances

            Beware the Jabberwock          Art Compost & the Word Mechanics 07

            On the 8th Day                                                                              SETH 07

            Love, Death & Poetry               Art Compost & the Word Mechanics 03

            Denver Slam Poetry                                  Coyote Poets Productions 02           

            Mad Weather                                                                 Open Rangers 98

            Poets @ the Denver Book Mall                      Wannabe Productions 98

            Eating Light                                                                    Open Rangers 95

            Denver Poets 1                                      Word of Mouth Broadcasting 93
            Drop the Other Shoe                                                      Open Rangers 91



Awards & Honors

            "Colfax Ave"
                        Revolve Productions -- a Documentary Film 2004

            Artist Award
                        Grand Design 2004

            Lulu Award
                        Denver Poets -- Contribution to Denver’s Poetry Scene 2003

            Reign of the Scar Clan
                        Best of Westword -- Best Poetry Performance, 1995

            "Return from November" 
                        Rockford Review Editor's Choice Best Short Story, Vol XII, 1993

            "Wicked Annabelle"
                        National Writers Club Short Story Contest Runner-up 1992

            Actor Award
                        EDEN Theatrical Workshop 1986

            "Douglass Myers"
                        Writer's Digest Magazine Writing Competition Honorable Mention 1986

            "Ascent of Man"
                        A.R.T. Radio Script Writing Competition 2nd Place Winner 1984


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