poet, creative writing instructor, performance arts, project coordinator, children's theatre, Denver, Colorado  



Since 1999, SETH has been teaching children, teens and young adults the joy inherit in mastering the literary arts and creative expression. “Next to writing and performing, working with kids is my greatest joy.” SETH has worked extensively in public schools, with summer camps and neighborhood organizations. You can book SETH directly or through such organizations as Colorado Humanities, Think 360 Complete Arts, Poetry Out Loud and Summer Scholars. hire SETH...


 Praise from teachers

SETH was A M A Z I N G! I still can’t believe how motivated he got my students about writing….In 15 years of teaching I have never seen so much figurative language. Thank you SETH!!!!!

Tonya Hackett, Chappelow Elementary School




[SETH’s workshops] reminded me that all students can be writers. We need to continually teach them to be confident about themselves and in their writing.

Robyn Haskett, Greeley West High School




I loved the way SETH introduced the writing skills to the students. Their writing improved overall and their excitement for writing grew.

Jessica Holton, Chappelow Elementary School  






2016 Stedman Elementary School
Gateway Elementary School

Legend High School
Kaleidoscope Enrichment Program
Coal Creek Canyon K-8

2014 Kaleidoscope Summer Camp (2014-2016)
Ashley Elementary
River of Words Festival
Kepner Middle School (2013-2014)
Adam City High School
Community Montessori
Florida Pitt-Waller Elementary School
(2012 & 2014)
2013 Kaleidoscope Extended Learning (2013-15)
Stedman Elementary School
Noel Community Arts School
Chappelow Elementary School
Whittier Elementary School
Metz Elementary School
2012 Newlon Elementary School
Fox Ridge Middle School
Oakland Elementary School
Allendale Elementary School
Greeley West High School
2011 Cole Middle School
Lake International Middle School
Harrington Elementary School
Fort Logan Elementary School
Adams City High School
2004 Arapahoe Community College Summer Program (2001-2004)
Museum of Outdoor Arts
2003 Boys & Girls Club Aurora (1999-2003)
Express Yourself Neighborhood Project
Edison Elementary School
McLain Community High School
Montclair Elementary School
2002 Telluride Middle School
Third Way Center
Arapahoe County Detention Facility
Highland Neighborhood Showcase
2001 Fairmont Elementary School
Clare Garden Recreation Center
Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center
Schenck Elementary School
Arrow Point Academy
2000 Jewish Community Center Summer Program (1997-2000)
Ellis Elementary School
Denison Montessori School
Reverend Liggins Oral History Project
Palmer Elementary School
McClone Elementary School
1999 NE Park Hill Heritage Art Project
Horace Mann Middle School
West Middle School Aurora
1998 Sunnyside Neighborhood Project
Highland Neighborhood Arts Workshop
Related Activities

1993-2004   Jafrika – as a member of this performance arts trio I’ve conducted workshops in storytelling, drama, poetry and acting. The typical project involved students composing a poem or constructing a story to which music and dance were added, the final presentation often performed before peers and parents.

 1998-2003  Grand Design, Inc – a Black performance arts organization for which I served as a drama/storytelling instructor and Program Coordinator, coordinating dance performances and an annual choir festival. I also wrote and coordinated the full-length musical revue Suite Moses performed from 2001-2004 to critical acclaim.


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